Physical Requirements

Physical Considerations for Starting Your Own Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Business

Due to the physical nature of this job you will be required to climb ladders, walk on roofs of restaurants, and walk on greasy wet floors.  There are numerous hazards to this industry and that is why you must be properly trained, qualified and certified before cleaning hoods and ducts.

You must feel comfortable climbing ladders before attending training.  If fear of heights is a concern of yours you may not want to consider this as a career choice.  Repetition and proper training will help some overcome their fears, but if you do not feel that you can overcome this fear then this occupation is not for you.

You must also have the upper body strength to lift a 28 foot extension ladder.  You may want to go down to your local hardware store and lift this size of extension ladder to get a feel for how heavy the ladder is.  We will train you in proper ladder safety during your training.

Ladder Safety Tips:

  • Use the right ladder for the job.

  • Set the ladder one foot out for every three or four feet up.

  • Secure the top and bottom of the ladder.

  • Clean off your boot soles before climbing.

  • Maintain 3-point contact while climbing — two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand at all times.

  • Face the ladder.

  • Keep your body between the side rails.

  • Keep ladders away from power lines.

  • Don’t lean out beyond the side rails.

  • Don’t carry tools or equipment in your hands while climbing.

  • On an extension ladder, stand no higher than the fourth rung from the top.

  • On a stepladder, stand no higher than the second step from the top.

  • Never straddle the space between a ladder and another point.