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Another Successful Client From Hood Cleaning School


Our Iron Clad No Questions Asked Written Guarantee Is That If you purchase our optional Guaranteed Clients Program, We will Generate At LEAST $21,000 Worth of Business in your first 6 months After Attending Our Course. That’s Right! If You Spend only $3,000 For Our Optional Guaranteed Clients Program…We’ll Guarantee You $21,000 Worth Of Potential Business! NO BODY ELSE CAN GUARANTEE YOU THIS!

Another Successful Hood Cleaning School Client


You Have Nothing To Lose By Making Sure That You Are Guaranteed Business Upon Return Home!

One of the biggest fears our new clients face is obtaining new business. That’s why we created our proven plan where you are guaranteed business within your first 6 months of business. So now you can sign up for our Optional Advanced Marketing ad campaign and KNOW that you will at least be able to recoup what you spent to attend our training program. If on average you get 25-50 restaurants each time that you sign a 6 month marketing contract and these restaurants need to be cleaned every 6 months, then this will represent well over $50,000/yr in business to help you quickly recoup your initial start up costs.


  1. We directly market your potential clients, using a precise listing of all the restaurants in a radius of your home.

  2. We generate interest in your business.

  3. You simply meet at the restaurant at the time and close the deal.

  4. You are guaranteed potential clients.

  5. You are able to grow your business and quickly recoup your investment.

  6. The clients that call on are wanting the services that you will provide, so our sell ratio is around 80-90%.

  7. You have nothing to lose.

  8. We speed up your success and quickly and efficiently get you to the top.

  9. Our Advanced Marketing program meshes perfectly with the sales and marketing training that you receive.

  10. We are able to save you money by lowering your marketing costs.

  11. It’s like having an insurance policy to assure your success.

How Advanced Marketing works:

  1. You agree to and sign an Advanced Marketing Contract .

  2. Advanced Marketing will arrange to contact those commercial cooking establishments in your area.

  3. You will arrange to meet with the restaurant owner and close the deal.

  4. You will then clean the restaurant and get paid.

  5. You are guaranteed to generate at least $21,000 worth of potential business in your first 6 months.

  6. REPEAT the PROGRAM as often as you choose!

What our Customers have to say:

Ronald Easter
Ronald Easter

"Dear Russell & Anne-Marie,

I would like to express my appreciation for your hard work and dedication to making Dodson Hood & Duct Service a success. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in different areas of questions, and the instruction and guidance in operating and establishing our business. Advanced Marketing is a key part, now and in our future, for growing our business and meeting our business goals." Josh Dodson, Owner/President Dodson Hood & Duct Service
Josh Dodson and Russell Clark at Hood Cleaning School.com

You now are guaranteed potential business from the day that you start your business!