Local Market Analysis

Performing Your Local Market Analysis Is The MOST Important Thing TO DO!

Changing Lives One Student at a Time

Before contacting us, please conduct a Local Market Analysis.   The most commonly asked question is, “How much money will I make?” We believe that by performing a Local Market Analysis you will answer this question for yourself, as different regions and areas of the country will differ depending on population and city size.

The following information will help you develop information about the kitchen hood and duct cleaning business in your local market.  In training, you will be given the methods for contacting and bidding franchise/chain restaurants, bowling alleys, gas stations, factories, schools, churches, hospitals, and other potential clients.

Perform a Local Market Analysis of your own. This will help you project the size of the hood and duct cleaning market in your locality.

Steps to Perform A Local Market Analysis 

  1. Please look in your local yellow pages directory and contact the local chamber of commerce and add up the total number of restaurants in a 5-50 mile radius.

  2. Select a few “mom & pop” type restaurants and visit them in person, asking to speak with the manager or owner of the restaurant.  Let them know that you are thinking of starting a “hood and duct cleaning business” and that you would appreciate it if he or she would help you with your market analysis. Remember, at this time you are not trying to sell them on anything. You are simply gathering information. These are the questions you will ask:

  • Do you have your kitchen hoods, filters, fans and ducts cleaned?

  • How often?

  • How many people come to clean your hoods and ducts?

  • How much do they charge for the job?

  1. When you have gotten all the information, express your thanks and let the manager/owner know that when you complete your training from Hood Cleaning School you will get back in touch with him or her and for being so helpful, you will offer them a contract at a discount over their current rate. Now here is your first customer!

  2. You may use the average price of the restaurants you called, multiplied by the total number of restaurants in your area to get some idea of the potential income that you could generate in your own business.

Please remember that this is only an estimate and it is highly unlikely that you will ever get 100% of the restaurants in your area.  A much more conservative and reasonable estimate would be 10%.  Also, the average restaurant is cleaned every 6 months, which will allow you to at least double your money calculated above.  During your sales and marketing training we will teach you how to get corporate accounts and significantly increase your profit potential as well.