Just the Facts

Just the Facts about why Hood Cleaning School is the BEST Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning School

Changing Lives One Business at a Time

There are many advantages to attending Hood Cleaning School, but here are the facts that set us apart and make Hood Cleaning School the BEST!

  • Hood Cleaning School thoroughly teaches you the grease exhaust cleaning and maintenance business and helps you become an owner of your own business.

  • You are taught, in actual restaurants by the owner of an actual hood cleaning company, one-on-one, live On The Job Training.  We call this TOTAL IMMERSION learning.

  • What we offer is a complete knowledge of this industry and how to be successful operating your own company.

  • This business will work anywhere in the United States and abroad.

  • Our primary service is cleaning of kitchen grease exhaust systems using innovative cleaning processes and technology using a one person crew.

  • After completion of our training you will become a Certified Hood & Duct Cleaner from the CHDCA.

  • Every commercial eating establishment is required to have their hood and duct systems cleaned every 1 to 6 months.

  • We have our own exclusive line of chemicals, which complement the cleaning process we utilize, and will be used by you to use in your business.

  • Our cleaning process requires only 1 person compared to the normal 2-3 people. This will give you a distinct advantage when bidding for jobs.

  • Get paid what you’re worth by owning and operating your own profitable business after attending Hood Cleaning School.

  • We teach you our unique cleaning system and technology which allows you to retain more profit on each job because you aren’t paying for a crew of cleaners, so there’s hardly any overhead.

  • The average job requires between 2 to 3 hours to complete.

  • The average profit per job is $200

  • You can call Hood Cleaning School instructors for ongoing support.

  • You operate this business from your home office.

  • Successful students from Hood Cleaning School are improving their income and quality of life.

  • You have built-in job security because this is a mandated repeat business to business service.

  • We are a small family owned school owned and operated in the Middle Tennessee area since 1992