Financing Options

Another Successful Client From Hood Cleaning School


There are numerous financing options available to attend Hood Cleaning School and then start your kitchen grease exhaust cleaning business:

100% Financing Available For Those That Qualify

  1. You may qualify for a Business Loan (APPLY NOW).

  2. You may be able to get credit card loans.  They are simple interest, and you only pay interest on your monthly balance.

  3. HOW TO GET CASH OUT OF YOUR 401K WITHOUT TRIGGERING TAXES & PENALTIES TYPICAL SCENARIO.  By the time most people want to quit their job and go into business for themselves, they find their net worth tied up in the equity in their homes and locked into a retirement plan. Most of their assets are illiquid and they need cash for a down payment or to qualify for a loan. They are reluctant to borrow against their home, and if they take an early distribution against their 401k, taxes and penalties could take a big chunk out of their life savings.  See http://www.franfund.com for details on this option.

    OVERLOOKED.  There has always been a way under statutory exemptions in ERISA law that allows taxpayers to withdraw funds from their retirement plans, for the purchase of a new business, without triggering “early distribution” taxes, holdbacks, and penalties.

  4. Peer to Peer lending has really taken off since the banks stopped lending monies to small business owners (and those wanting to start a business).  So using a business model that has been tried and true for thousands of years, you borrow money from someone who has the money and then pay them back.  There are two superior organizations out there that can get you funded from $5,000 to $21,000 immediately.  Take a look at http://www.lendingclub.com and http://www.prosper.com and check out these programs.