Business Partner Agreement

Another Successful Client From Hood Cleaning School


In our experience, business partner relationships (non-spousal partnerships) have not worked well in this business, and we and our students have encountered some problems arising from partnerships that have gone sour after the time, money and effort that they have spent setting up this business. For that reason we highly encourage you to pursue your Hood and Duct Cleaning Career as a solo operation with the possibility of hiring a helper for larger jobs. When you attend our training you will clearly see that this is a one-person operation and there is no need for a non-spousal business partner. If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of partnerships we will be happy to discuss this with you and help you discover a clearer picture of how the cons outweigh the pros.
That being said, some insist on bringing a business partner to their training, often due to a monetary need. We typically do not charge for an extra person to attend our training, having set this business up as a solo or husband/wife operation. But if you insist on bringing a partner we have set up the following guidelines which you must adhere to if bringing a business partner other than a spouse.
1. Training is to set up one business.

2. If you still insist on bringing a business partner other than your spouse we require, prior to your class, an original, dated and Notarized Business Agreement that is signed between the partners involved. Within the business agreement we will need the terms of your partnership stated, including provisions for partnership dissolution.

3. You are purchasing one training course, so there is only one text provided.

4. We will not act as a go between if your business relationship dissolves.

5.  If you decide to split up, the other partner has to agree to not continue operating a kitchen grease exhaust cleaning business.