Building a successful Hood Cleaning Business the right way

20 May 2016

Building a successful Hood Cleaning Business the right way

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Building A Successful Hood Cleaning Business – Why Choose the Original Hood Cleaning School?

Hood Cleaning School is based on over 21+ years of proven experience cleaning kitchen grease exhaust systems experience.  We’ve been cleaning some of our original customers since 1992.  We share those experiences with you real time at actual restaurants so you too can have a successful hood cleaning business. Our experiences include the mistakes that have been made, the solutions to those mistakes, the best ways to protect your business, what makes a good customer a great customer, and most importantly the necessary documents that are required for you to be assured success from day one of owning your business.  The manual that you will receive in your training is over 500 pages and has been called the Encyclopedia of Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning.

So, you ask, “What is the best way to build a successful Hood Cleaning Business?”  We give you the best overview of what is rquired on our main website https://hoodcleaningschool.com, Although, I can tell you that we can work within your budget and facilitate you being successful with starting your hood cleaning business as soon as possible.  The best advice is to make sure that when you are doing your research, that you get information from a professional that takes you out job after job after job, real world, hands on, so that you can learn this business.  Ask them how many jobs that you and the instructor will get to clean together?  Be very wary of going to watch professional crews doing the cleaning, as you will only learn their mistakes.

You can’t sit around and watch videos, watch someone lecture, or go to a warehouse full of clean exhaust systems and pretend to do kitchen grease exhaust cleaning.  You will want to get as much hands on training as possible with an instructor who is dedicated to your success.

You will want to find a hands on training program where you actually get to clean the restaurants yourself with side by side instruction from the instructor.  You don’t want to be part of a large group who are there to watch a professional crew clean the restaurant.  Watching someone do this… and actually doing kitchen grease exhaust cleaning is entirely different.  So don’t be fooled by low prices.  There’s a reason why they had to lower their prices to entice you to attend.

We focus on keeping your costs down, getting accounts, and getting paid so that you can grow your business.  We focus on teaching you to do this as a one person business so that you can keep all of the profits yourself and grow your company.  We have built scalability into our exclusive techniques so that you can grow from a one person home based business, to a multi-crew, large operation covering as large of an area as you want to cover.

MORE MONEY! This is what we focus you on while you are training.  We guarantee in writing that when you attend our Business Owner’s Course and purchase our optional marketing package at the same time, that we will have potential business lined up for you when you return home.   

Learning how to clean hoods is EASY….we teach you that part quickly with our “Total Immersion-On The Job Training” using our exclusive technology, exclusive cleaning techniques, and exclusive cleaning equipment. Don’t let the imitators try and slick sell you on how much you’ll save by attending their programLearning the Hood Cleaning Business is what over 280+ students have benefited the most from. We will teach you how to set up and operate a successful hood cleaning business from an administrative aspect whether you are a one-man operation, have a home office, or a large office with many personnel. We train you on every aspect from running multiple crews to just managing yourself.  We will show you the most simple, effective way to manage your customers, rescheduling them, and our exclusive phone bidding.  Our ability to accurately bid jobs over the phone saves you hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time driving back and forth.

We would love an opportunity to show you how to be successful with starting a hood cleaning your business and doing it right from day one.

We have many referrals from our students who are living proof that you will want to attend the Original Hood Cleaning School. 

Russell Clark is the president of the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association and has been a professional kitchen grease exhaust cleaner. Is a member of the NFPA 96 Technical Committee and is a Technical Expert for Hood Cleaning School and the CHDCA.




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