Some benefits from attending Hood Cleaning School and then owning your own Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Business

Scalability — From 1 Person to Multi-Crew Operation… You Choose

Through the development of a unique cleaning process, 1 person can now do the work of 2 or 3 people.  The result of this innovation is that you can elect to run this home based business as a simple to operate, low cost, high profit, 1 person company or you can choose to run it as a more traditional multi-employee operation, or you can diversify your already existing business.  You decide on the size, complexity and income potential of your company.  Isn’t it interesting that you can run this as a 1-person home based business?

Affordable Start-Up

Since this is an on-site service business, it can easily be operated from an affordable home office setting.  We also provide you with guidance in the purchase of equipment that you will need to operate your business.  The Deluxe equipment package is $12,250 package.  Aren’t you glad that we keep the cost to a minimum so that you can start your business today?

Quality of Life — It’s YOUR Business…Finally YOU Can Live The Dream NOW!

Since you set your own schedule, you have the latitude to spend more time with your family and enhance the quality of time spent with those you care about most. Most of our successful Hood Cleaning School students run their companies as husband and wife teams, working together for the betterment of their future.  Aren’t you glad that we provide a school so that you and your spouse can work together?